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Community Service of Richard D. Lieberman


Richard Lieberman is involved in numerous community service organizations.  He visits hospice patients with his dog for the Jewish Social Service Agency ("JSSA") of Montgomery County, MD. Richard Donald Lieberman tutors adult foreign-born citizens and adult non-citizens in English for the Literacy Council of Montgomery County. He provides numerous services for Bethesda Help, an organization that provides food, utility, rent and transportation assistance in Montgomery County, MD.  He teaches seniors how to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint at the Jewish Council for the Aging ("JCA") of Montgomery County, MD.  Richard Lieberman assists in writing grant applications for the International Cancer Advocacy Network ("ICAN") as well as America for Animals.  He also collects used bicycles for Bikes for the World that are shipped to needy persons in the United States and third world countries.




Tutoring adult students for the Literacy Council
















Visiting hospice patients with his dog Quincy for the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA)




                                                                           See "Hospice Highlight," from Jan. 7, 2018 JSSA Volunteer


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                                                                                             See article "More Canine Chronicles" from the JSSA website

                                                                                                                      Click Here














Bikes for the World











Bethesda Help


Bethesda Help, an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, offers immediate short-term assistance to residents of southern Montgomery County, Maryland, who are in financial crisis.  Richard Lieberman serves as Officer of the Day ("OD") helping clients, and also trains ODs.

Bethesda Help provides:

  • Financial assistance for rent (when there is about to be an eviction), partial or full payment of utility bills (when service is about to be cut off), and prescription medicines (when need is verified by a doctor’s office and the client cannot make full or partial payment).

  • Emergency food deliveries to households in our service area (grocery bags containing a three-day supply of food for each member of the household).







See article "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Tutoring" from the January 2016 Newsletter of the Literacy Council of Montgomery County.
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See article "Canine Chronicles" from the JSSA Volunteer E-News, March 2016, also excerpted in People Animals Love Newsletter, January 2016.

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Richard D. Lieberman managing Bikes for the World Collection at Congregation Beth El, Bethesda, MD.

Richard D. Lieberman recruiting new adult literacy tutors at the Farmer's Market in Rockville, MD, 2015.

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