Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Training


Richard D. Lieberman provides onsite and video or webinar training on a wide variety of courses.  All training is “hands-on” using more than just targeted lecturing.  Richard Lieberman frequently uses actual government contract scenarios he has developed specially for the courses.  He  has been training government contractors and federal contracting officials since 1991.  Mr. Lieberman was the first Chairman of the Public Contracting Institute, LLC (2010-11). He has taught for Federal Publications Seminars, the Public Contracting Institute, the Maryland Procurement Technical Assistance Program and the University of Maryland. He was an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer in Law, George Washington University Law School (2008-2010). He was an Instructor, George Washington University Law School/College of Professional Studies (2007-08); Adjunct Asst. Professor, University of Maryland University College (“UMUC”) Graduate School of Management & Technology (1996-98); faculty of George Washington University Government Contracts Program (1993-2003); and taught in-house courses at numerous government and contractor locations including the U.S. Army, Northrop Grumman, Bechtel National, General Dynamics, Unisys and Oracle Corporation. He has taught the following courses as seminars or webinars, and can provide up-to-date courses in the following areas:


  • Basics of Negotiated Procurement

  • Basics of Sealed Bidding

  • Advanced Issues in Best Value Procurement

  • Basics of Contract Administration

  • Claims

  • Terminations

  • Protests, Claims and Disputes

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Anatomy of an Inspector General Investigation

  • Contract Compliance for Companies

  • The Worst Mistakes in Government Contracting

  • Procurement under the Code of Maryland Regulations

  • Advocacy Seminar in Bid Protests and Contract Claims Litigation                                                                                  (George Washington University Law School)

  • Aspects of Contracting (University of Maryland University College)


An outline of each training program is available from Mr. Lieberman on request.


Contact Richard Donald Lieberman to determine how he can assist in your training program. Courses can be tailored to your specific requirements.


Contact Mr. Lieberman at rliebermanconsultant@gmail.com or 202-520-5780.

Richard D. Lieberman conducting a class "Basics of Contract Administration" on January 30, 2015 for the Maryland Procurement and Technical Assistance Program (MDPTAP)

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